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We are taught that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide but in fact, there is a lot more going on. There are also many chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOC's), which go in and out of our body with every breath.

These biomarkers (VOC'S) can reveal a great deal about:

  • The clinical state of an individual health

  • Environmental exposure

  • Toxicity

  • Changes to metabolism

To further explore VOC'S 

To watch a Ted Talk about the power of breath analysis

Just breathe

Breath Analysis


Why Breath Analysis?

It is:



Completely non-invasive

and painless method of diagnosis


Offers highly accurate disease detection.


Multiple Applications:

  • Cancer 

  • Health & Wellness

  • Drug Testing

  • Personalized Medicine

Breath analysis has many advantages:

  • More accessible than blood testing, urine analysis, gene sequencing, biopsies and radiography

  • Fast and can be done anywhere by a healthcare practitioner

  • Does not require a dedicated training or specialized skill set for equipment operator

  • Has no limit to how many samples can be taken

  • To view the many applications of Breath Analysis, visit our Indications Menu.