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Peter Savas Joins Picomole Board of Directors 

(Moncton) November 10th 2020 - Picomole is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Savas to the Picomole Board of Directors.  

Mr. Savas brings a wealth of experience to the Picomole Board of Directors through an extensive career in healthcare and life sciences. Mr Savas is the CEO of LikeMinds, a Strategic Partner in venture funds. Prior to his work at LikeMinds, Mr Savas worked for serval establishments in the healthcare industry including Aderis Pharmaceuticals.  

Mr. Savas brings strategic and operational experience and extensive access to industry, regulatory, venture, capital markets and academic leaders. In addition to his expensive background, he holds a BA in Chemistry from Syracuse University and is credentialed as a Professional Director by the American College of Corporate Directors. 

Picomole is excited to add Mr. Savas to our Board of Directors, and looks to leverage the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Mr. Savas can provide to Picomole in our pursuit of non-invasive disease screening.  

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