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Branding Project for Picomole Breath Sampler 

(Moncton) December 21st 2020 - Picomole is proud to be working with U-S based marketing firm specializing in life sciences, High Lantern Group, to brand our breath sampling device in anticipation of its commercial launch in early 2021. The project is generously funded by LearnSphere through the Commercialization Consulting and Mentoring (CCM) Program. This project marks the first step in the commercialization of the Picomole Breath Sampler.  


With the guidance of High Lantern Group led by Drew Holzapfel, Picomole has taken great strides in establishing the marketing process for the Picomole breath sampler. Picomole will unveil the sampler branding as part of the product launch. This limited release of the Picomole breath sampler, as a stand-alone device, will be marketed to the breath analytics research community. Picomole is confident that our breath sampling device will exceed expectations among key opinion leaders in the field of breath research.  


During its research and development phase, the patented Picomole breath sampler was tested in the field in multiple pre-clinical studies with esteemed research partners. Our COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Strategy has been reviewed and approved by Research Ethics Boards in Canada and the US.  Picomole technology meets all public health standards and guidelines and our disposable mouthpiece contains a bacterial and viral filter that has been lab-tested for efficiency, demonstrating a 99.99% viral filtration efficiency. Breath analytics researchers can be confident in the safety of our breath sampler.  Device modifications, such as plexiglass shielding, are quickly retrofitted to further ensure the safety of our device to prevent viral spread between researchers and subjects.  


Continue to watch Picomole news releases for more information on the exciting launch of the Picomole breath sampler in early 2021.  


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