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Picomole reaches agreement with CRID for regulatory funding

(Moncton) October 16th 2020 - 

Picomole is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the Centre de Recherche et Innovation Dieppe Inc. (CRID) which will aid Picomole in the rigorous process of regulatory validation for the Picomole Breath Sampler with the FDA and Health Canada. The Breath Sampler is expected to be on the market in early 2021. 


Obtaining regulatory clearance will be another large step in the right direction for Picomole on route to bringing the best in class Picomole Breath Sampler to market, which is poised to capture the top end of the breath sampling field.  


Dr. Stephen Graham, Picomole’s CEO says that the collaboration with the CRID will be an important step in bringing the best in class Picomole Breath Sampler to market. 


“With the generous support of the CRID, we are looking forward to taking the Picomole breath sampler through the regulatory procedures in order to get our sampler out into the field. Our sampler will be able to change the way that groups are able to collect breath and will overall continue to advance the emerging field of breath research.”  


For further information on our Breath Sampler, please contact us through 

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About Picomole: 

Who we are: Picomole is an innovative medical technology company located in Moncton, New Brunswick.  We have developed a platform technology for breath analysis that is fast and powerful, and highly sensitive.   With our patented breath analysis technology, we are currently developing a breath test for lung cancer screening and researching additional non-invasive diagnostic tests.

Our mission: To provide early detection for cancer and other diseases using a single breath test to save lives and reduce the healthcare burden.

For more information contact:

Dr. Stephen Graham, CEO


(506) 855-2400