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Picomole receives ethics approval from Horizon for breast cancer proof of concept study


(Moncton) Nov. 29, 2019 – Picomole Inc. is pleased to announce it has received ethics approvals in collaboration with the Horizon Health Network (Horizon), which will allow the Moncton-based company to move ahead with the development of an exciting breast cancer proof of concept study.

Picomole is applying its cutting-edge breath analysis technology with the goal of identifying key biomarkers associated with breast cancer.

The company was successful in a previous study which saw hundreds of breath samples from lung cancer patients, as well as those of healthy subjects, collected for analysis.

Women will be the focus of the breast cancer study, particularly those with dense breast tissue where conventional screening methods may not always provide accurate results.

Dr. Stephen Graham, CEO of Picomole, says the ethics approval is a major step, one that will hopefully lead to better, more consistent breast cancer screening and monitoring thanks to New Brunswick-led research, technology and expertise.

“In partnership with Horizon, we are proud to be launching a proof of concept study to apply our innovative technology to the problem of early detection of breast cancer,” Dr. Graham said.

“Building on our early success differentiating individuals with lung cancer from those without, we are now applying Picomole’s technology to current challenges encountered when screening for breast cancer.  One day, we believe Picomole will be able to screen for a range of diseases with a simple breath test.”

Picomole is also seeking approvals through Health Canada and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Horizon Health Network is providing the clinical and logistical expertise needed to prepare the research protocols for both the lung and breast cancer studies.

Clinicians and medical investigators from the health authority will be recruiting Horizon patients and providing oversight of the study as it is carried out in three of its facilities – Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital, Saint John Regional Hospital, and the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.

The health authority is providing the clinical and logistical expertise needed to prepare the research protocols for both the lung and breast cancer studies.

Horizon patients are being recruited to participate in these studies.

About Picomole: 

Who we are: Picomole is an innovative medical technology company located in Moncton, New Brunswick.  We have developed a platform technology for breath analysis that is fast and powerful, and highly sensitive.   With our patented breath analysis technology, we are currently developing a breath test for lung cancer screening and researching additional non-invasive diagnostic tests.

Our mission: To provide early detection for cancer and other diseases using a single breath test to save lives and reduce the healthcare burden.

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