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NBCC Students Help Build Great People-Policies at Picomole  

June 17th, 2021 - 

Developing an amazing team of talent doesn’t come out of thin air. It takes strong human resource (HR) policies and programs and dedicated resources to ensure all employees are well supported. With the help of New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Human Resources Management program, Picomole has been able to implement HR policies and procedures that help us attract and retain amazing talent.  


For over four months, student interns from NBCC have been working with Picomole HR consultant Bev Somers on a number of critical HR projects during their end of course practicum. Picomole is incredibly grateful to have been selected as a participating company. The practicum began in March as a group project involving five students, Arnie Salazar, Sancia Bowers, Mosunmola Jawando, Meghan Clark and Scott Guitard, and eventually led to individual projects that involved Arnie and Sancia continuing their practicum with Picomole until June.  


Arnie and Sancia chose Picomole for their group project and decided to continue their practicum to complete their individual projects. Sancia’s background in finance and Arnie’s in medical device sales contributed to their amazing work at Picomole. Since March, Arnie and Sancia worked hard to strengthen and improve Picomole’s human resources plans and policies. They reviewed and edited Picomole’s human resource manual, which included making changes to policies where applicable and ensuring all policies and codes were up to date with New Brunswick guidelines. They also were tasked with creating a virtual on-boarding presentation with interactive elements for new hires, which they introduced in our orientation for this year’s group of summer interns. In addition, they developed a culture code, outlining the motivations, inspirations and passions that drive and unite the Picomole team via employee engagement survey.  


Beverly Somers (SMART Human Resource Solutions), who oversaw Arnie and Sancia’s work with Picomole over the past few months, had nothing but good things to say about her time with the NBCC students. “I love working with students - especially those who have decided to pursue a rewarding career in Human Resources. The partnership between NBCC and Picomole was a true win/win. The student interns from NBCC were able to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to provide invaluable HR solutions and Picomole ended up with tangible HR resources.” 


Outside of work and school, Sancia likes to stay active by playing soccer, netball and running track and field. In her downtime she also enjoys doing Sudoku puzzles. Arnie also loves to stay busy by walking, hiking and biking while spending time outdoors.  

Arnie and Sancia not only gained valuable experience in their field during this time but acquired new skills and qualities. Sancia attests that she has grown professionally, learning to improve her time management skills and gaining confidence in her work all while discovering a new love for the world of HR. For Arnie, this experience has been a huge learning curve. With a background in sales and medical technology, she has had to find ways to adapt and reinvent herself in a professional sense.  


Both students credit NBCC for the theoretical and practical approach provided by their Human Resources Management program, which they felt helped them adequately prepare for the work they did in their time with Picomole.  


"The Human Resource Management Program at NBCC is designed to develop the student's knowledge and skills in the field of HR. The HR Industry Project and Work Practicum courses offer groups of students the opportunity to apply their theoretical learning to an employer-hosted Human Resources Management project. During the project, students research, strategize and provide recommended solutions to key stakeholders. This work-integrated learning experience is a fantastic opportunity for the students to reinforce the concepts covered throughout the HRM program. As a teacher, one of my roles is to prepare learners for successful employment, and I believe this project does that.  I am proud of the 2020-2021 HRM students!" said Marjorie Price, an instructor at NBCC.  


Picomole, in partnership with NBCC, was grateful to offer both students the opportunity to develop new skills and gain beneficial work experience in their field while completing their education. 


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