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Our Partners

Picomole is fortunate to have a great group of partners supporting Picomole in areas such as research and funding. Picomole looks to create new partnerships to create exciting opportunities. To discuss a partnership contact us.

Our Research Projects
Breast Cancer Proof of Concept Study

About Horizon Health Network: Horizon Health Network (Horizon) is the largest regional health authority in New Brunswick and the second-largest health authority in Atlantic Canada with expertise in diverse areas of health and community services.


About the New Brunswick Health and Research Fund (NBHRF): The NBHRF is an independent organization governed by a board of directors comprised of key stakeholders from the health research community in New Brunswick. The Mission of the NBHRF is to promote, coordinate and support all aspects of the health research enterprise and related innovation activities in New Brunswick.  


Our Team:

Dr. Farah Naz: Dr. Naz is the Principal investigator with the Picomole Breast Cancer Proof of Concept Study. Dr Naz is a medical oncologist and is the acting Clinical Department Head in the Oncology Department at the Saint John Regional Hospital.


Our Project:

Picomole and HHN with the generous funding from NBHRF are conducting a proof of concept study to determine the effectiveness of Picomole’s technology with screening for the presence of breast cancer in exhaled breath.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis Project 

About NB-IRDT: NB-IRDT research supports informed, unbiased decision-making and evidence-informed solutions. The NB-IRDT data platform provides secure access to one of the richest sources of provincial population-level data in Canada. Our training activities are helping to create the researchers and policy-makers of the future. NB-IRDT operates at arm’s-length from government to provide scientific results related to health, social progress and prosperity in New Brunswick.

About NBIF: We help New Brunswick innovators solve globally relevant problems through research, solid advice and access to capital. We always represent the best interests of our portfolio. By leveraging their successes, we reinvest strategically to create new opportunities for New Brunswick.

Our Team with NB-IRDT: Dr. Ted McDonald: Dr. McDonald is the Director of NB-IRDT and an Economics Professor at the University of New Brunswick. Dr. McDonald has his PhD from the University of Melbourne and Studied Mathematics at St. Francis Xavier University.

Our Project with NB-IRDT:Picomole and NB-IRDT, led by Dr. Ted McDonald are conducting a cost-benefit analysis comparing Picomole’s technology to the current standard of Low Dose CT Scans.

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Our Funding Supporters 
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About ACOA: The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) works to create opportunities for economic growth in Atlantic Canada by helping business become more competitive, innovative and productive, by working with diverse communities to develop and diversify local economies. Picomole has graciously received ongoing support from ACOA through its multiple programs including BDP, PBS, CAS, and RRRF. 


Supported in part by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) through advisory services, research and development and youth employment funding.


Our Project with NRC IRAP: NRC IRAP is a funding partner with Picomole that funds projects related to the Picomole Technology, as well as helping hire recent graduates improving Picomole’s talent base.

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About Mitacs: Mitacs bridges the gap between organizations and post-secondary institutions by driving project collaboration to help innovative businesses grow and develop the next generation of researchers.


Funding from Mitacs has allowed Picomole to engage the expertise of Dr. Erik Scheme, the New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Medical Devices and Technologies. Alongside Dr. Scheme is Robyn Larracy, a Biomedical Engineering student pursuing her master’s degree at UNB.


Dr. Scheme and Robyn Larracy have been working closely with Picomole to transform raw spectra into a set of meaningful features that can discriminate between lung cancer and control subjects. 

About Emergence Incubator: Emergence is Atlantic Canada’s bioscience business incubator dedicated to assisting start-ups and growth-stage companies in efficiently bringing their products and services to market. Emergence provides companies with business incubation services including mentorship and advisory services, team mentorship program as well as access to networks and resources.


About Atlantic Canada Bio-Industries Alliance: The Atlantic Canadian Bio-Industries Alliance (ACBA) leads the organizations responsible for bioscience industry development in Atlantic Canada and bridges the gap between scientific research and business development in each of their respective provinces through collaborative processes and regional cooperation. ACBA is comprised of four agencies: BioNB, BioNova, PEI BioAlliance and TechNL who together support the growth of the bioscience sector in the region.


About Canada’s Trade Commission Service: The Trade Commissioner Service helps Canadian businesses grow with confidence by connecting them with our funding and support programs, international opportunities, and our network of trade commissioners in over 160 cities worldwide.


Our Project with Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service: Canada’s Trade Commissioners service aids picomole in participating in technological accelerators, including the CTA in San Francisco technology incubator, as well as the Boston Technology Incubator.