Our Team

Stephen Graham, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Graham has led Picomole since he was appointed CEO on May 18th, 2018. Prior to that, Dr. Graham had worked with Picomole as a Special Advisor responsible for Research and Business Development.  During this period, Picomole successfully restarted its operations, research and development program and clinical trials.  He has also worked with the Board of Directors to oversee two successful capital investment rounds. 

Chris Purves, PEng

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chris Purves has been with Picomole since 2007.  Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and leads the research and development team bringing Picomole's first in kind technology to market.  Chris is also an inventor on numerous patents and patent applications filed by Picomole. 

Awdah Arraf, PhD

Executive Vice President Intellectual Property

Awdah Arraf is the Executive VP of Intellectual Property. In her role at Picomole, Awdah ensures the research and development is consistently reviewed and considered for patent protection. As well as growing and managing Picomole’s patent portfolio, Awdah is also managing many aspects of the company’s day to day operations. 

After several years as a practicing patent attorney with one of Australia’s leading corporate law firms - Freehills. Awdah was in charge of the IP portfolio at Silverbrook Research, where she grew the US patent portfolio from 420 patents to over 2200 granted patents in five years. In addition to the US portfolio, Awdah also managed over 7000 applications and granted patents in over ten jurisdictions.

Jean Nadeau

Chair, Board of Directors

Jean’s first Picomole investment was in 2011.  He became Chairman of the Board in June 2019.  For most of his +30-year-long-career, he held several senior leadership positions in start-up companies and mid-size business ventures in fields such as Information Technologies, Digital and Print Media Industries.  Through his extensive leadership experience in various business processes, maturity stages and industry initiatives, Jean offers a unique perspective as well as insight into Picomole’s business strategy, development and planning.

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