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LISA™ - Laser Infrared Sample Analysis platform



Picomole’s breath analysis technology is a robust and versatile test platform for clinical applications requiring accuracy and sensitivity, including the early diagnosis and management of diseases.  Early detection frequently means the difference between timely, effective treatment today and costly medical interventions in the future.

Breath Sampler

We have developed a user-friendly, portable breath sampler, which enables users to properly collect breath samples onto compact sorbent tube technology.


We believe this unique combination of our proprietary gas analysis and sampler technologies is superior in both quality and cost when compared to other commercially available approaches and provide us with significant competitive advantages

Robust and user-friendly, LISA™ technology represents a revolutionary advance in the emerging field of breath analysis.

Breath Analyzer

Our breath analyzer works by introducing a gas sample into an optical cavity that is then probed with a sequence of laser pulses along a well-defined grid of infrared wavelengths.


The optical cavity lengthens the interaction time of the sample with the laser pulse by a thousand-fold or more, dramatically increasing the sensitivity to trace compounds.


The net result is that our breath analyzer is both fast and powerful, permitting sample analysis down to parts-per-billion levels and bellow within minutes.

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