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Our Team is Growing

(Moncton) March 3rd, 2021 - 

Picomole is excited to announce funding approved from the National Research Council of Canada – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) under their Youth Employment Program. This funding has allowed our team at Picomole to hire an engineer and lab technician to support our engineering team working in the Moncton lab on our breath analytics technology. 

Picomole is appreciative of this funding support from NRC IRAP as the two new employees will contribute to our breath sampler research while they learn and grow in their future field of work.  

Vincent Castonguay-Siu is one of our new employees who moved to Moncton from Alberta for the opportunity to work with Picomole. While reflecting on his time with Picomole Vince said “Even as a 1st year engineering student my goal has always been developing cutting-edge biomedical technology. Moving across Canada to join Picomole may have been a risk, but one that was well worth taking. It has been extremely rewarding to know that I am actively contributing to the development of technology that has the potential to save thousands of lives.” 

During their time with Picomole, the young employees will work with the senior engineering team to improve Picomole’s Cavity-ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) as well as support software development. They will work hands on in the lab to support senior staff and produce schematics, drawings and layouts that will refine the spectrometer. 

Picomole embraces working with young employees and continues to seek out opportunities to employ young people. If you are interested in joining Picomole’s great team, email us at  

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