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Picomole Student Employee: Alex Chiasson

(Moncton) March 25th 2021 - 

Picomole is dedicated to hiring students to join our team and contribute in both full and part-time positions. These talented young employees gain valuable work experience at Picomole, while benefiting our team with their eagerness to work, learn and build our pipeline for future hires.  

Alex Chiasson is a 4th year student at the Université du Moncton who is majoring in Physics while working part-time at Picomole. Alex is currently helping our team by monitoring our spectrometer during night shifts and weekends. One of his main roles is running the spectrometer and cleaning the conditioned sorbent tubes of any leftover artifacts. Alex’s role is essential for Picomole, because the important medical work we do relies on the cleanliness of the sorbent tubes. Due to long cycle times, having Alex available on weekends and nights is essential in order to have materials available for Picomole researchers.  

When Alex first saw the job posting for the role, he was immediately intrigued by the ability to get experience in a private lab during flexible work hours for his schedule. When asked about how impactful Picomole has been for Alex he said, “this was my first time working in an optics lab, and it gave me the opportunity to experience the workflow of a private research facility. I’m also planning to apply for a master's degree in medical physics so this additional experience certainly helps out.”  

Picomole is incredibly fortunate to have had the support from many students and young interns over the last few years. Their knowledge and fast learning have helped improve technology and business efforts in our organization. 


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