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Student Intern: Allison Henderson

(Moncton) April 9th 2021 - 

Picomole is an innovative medical device company developing best-in-class technology for breath analytics. Our team is dedicated to employing students at our facility because they bring an eagerness to work, learn and build our pipeline for future hires, while gaining valuable work experience. We have recently expanded our range of students by hiring a communications intern to raise awareness of our company outside of the lab. 


Allison Henderson is a 3rd year public relations student at Mount Saint Vincent University. Being the first communications student on our team, her goal was to implement a communications strategy and expand on some of the existing public relations activities the Picomole team had already begun. During the past three months, Allison has relaunched our social media presence on LinkedIn with consistent and important posts. Allison went above and beyond in her time with Picomole, and made a lasting impact on Picomole’s communications team.  

“The work we are doing at Picomole is groundbreaking for the medical community. Being able to implement a social media plan has been so rewarding for me, because I am able to share the important work we are doing with the world.” Allison said about her social media project.  

With our breath sampling device being launched to market later this year, hiring a communication’s student at Picomole to enhance our visibility in the breath analytics market is critical. After seeing how valuable the communications intern role has been for our team, Picomole has decided to continue employing in this role for the forceable future. Allison will be a very tough act to follow, but we are excited to see the directions our upcoming communications interns will take to the ever-growing role.  

When asked about how impactful her time has been with Picomole, Allison said, “During my time with Picomole I have been able to not only grow my communication skills portfolio, but also say that my confidence and leadership skills have improved drastically. I have been so fortunate to have a supportive and trusting team by my side, which has allowed me to excel in my work and provide success for Picomole in many ways. It has been a dream working with this groundbreaking company and I can’t wait to see what is in store for them next!”  

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