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Student Intern: Matthew Williston

(Moncton) July 15th, 2021 - 

Matthew Williston was attracted to Picomole when given the opportunity to contribute to a technology that could one day save lives. The chance to work for a company like ours is not one that comes along often for a student in chemical engineering, so Matthew knew he had to take advantage of this valuable experience.

Matthew is entering his final year of Chemical Engineering (BSc) at the University of New Brunswick and has been working over the summer on various projects in our lab. Matthew has been primarily involved in the study that will optimize the conditioning of thermal desorption tubes which will allow us to clean and reuse tubes more than once.

Outside of the office, Matthew enjoys doing an array of different activities including weightlifting, reading and spending time in the kitchen cooking. As an avid NBA fan, he also spends a lot of his time divulging in the world of basketball.

When asked how Picomole has been impactful for his career path, Matthew credited the experience with helping him to learn and grow while also contributing to a technology that could be revolutionary in the medical field. He also says that the atmosphere, one where everyone believes in and is passionate about the work they do, is one he hopes to spend his career in.

“I had been drawn to engineering in my late high school years from an interest in math and science like many engineering students. When I have given the opportunity to work for Picomole I felt extremely fortunate to be able to learn and grow while contributing to a technology that will save lives. The work being done at Picomole is a perfect example of the contribution to the world I hope to be able to provide with my education and in my professional career.”

Picomole is proud to work with many students and interns from a variety of programs and specialties that will provide them with valuable experience and skills for the future. Their knowledge and fast learning continue to help us improve the technology and business efforts of our organization.  


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