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Student Intern: Tyler Travis

(Moncton) July 8th, 2021 - 

Picomole is excited to welcome student interns to our team each semester and provide them with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, while benefiting our team with their eagerness to work, learn and build our pipeline for future hires.   


Tyler Travis is a third year Software Engineering student at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), with hopes to pursue a Masters in Machine Learning Algorithms after completing his undergraduate degree. Outside of work, Tyler spends a lot of time preparing for the season as part of UNB’s Men’s Soccer Team. He also enjoys fitness and mountain climbing while coaching a U11 Premiere Soccer Team.  


Tyler was introduced to our Picomole intern program through LinkedIn and ended up reaching out to our Chief Technology Officer, Chris Purves. Following his discussion with Chris, Tyler was inspired by the vision of the company and knew that the work and projects we do was something he wanted to be a part of.  


This summer, Tyler has had the chance to work on various parts of our breath spectrometer. He helps develop driver protocols to reduce pressure discrepancies. In addition, he has aided the processing speeds of data extraction, and normalizing the database to a more scalable model.  


Working with Picomole has given Tyler the opportunity to diversify his skill set in software development and further fueled his strong interest in building models and predictions with machine learning. When asked how this experience has been impactful for him, Tyler said that he has never felt as fulfilled by a job as he does so far with Picomole.  


“I am grateful to both absorb and contribute to such an astonishing project done in the Atlantic Region. A non-invasive detection practice that can potentially change lives is truly a heartwarming project to be part of.”


Picomole is incredibly fortunate to work with many students and interns from a variety of programs and specialties. Their knowledge and fast learning continue to help us improve the technology and business efforts in our organization.  


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