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Student Intern: Zach Taylor

(Moncton) May 31st, 2021 - 

Picomole is excited to welcome student interns to our team each semester. These talented young employees gain valuable work experience at Picomole, while benefiting our team with their eagerness to work, learn and build our pipeline for future hires.  


Zach Taylor is a 4th year Computer Science student at the University of New Brunswick Saint John and a returning intern here at Picomole. Outside of work, Zach enjoys experimenting with new technology and researching his own personal projects, which currently includes creating productivity aides and building computers.

Zach was introduced to Picomole through a previous employer and was immediately drawn to the important and interesting work we do in cancer research and breath analytics. This summer, Zach will be working with our team to help develop firmware for our breath sampler making it more efficient to use.

When asked about how Picomole has impacted him and his career path, Zach said that it has helped him narrow down what he wants to do going forward and opened doors for him. He also added that it has provided him with a lot of experience in product development and engineering.

“It's fantastic to be part of a team working on new and innovative technology. Being able to apply my existing knowledge and continue to learn and expand on it every day, while also creating something that will benefit so many people, is very rewarding. It’s an exciting time to be developing medical technology, and Picomole is an outstanding company to be involved with.”


Picomole is fortunate to recruit many students and interns with a variety of specialties and skills that help us improve the technology and business efforts within our organization. We are grateful for the financial support of TECHNATION which allows us to provide technology-driven internship opportunities to students like Zach and expand our talent pool for the future.

If you are interested in working as an intern with Picomole please email


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