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Picomole Student Interns: Ousman Beebeejaun and Melissa & Melanie Renn


(Moncton) February 22nd 2021 - 

Picomole is proud of our partnerships with post-secondary academic institutions who provide the opportunity to hire a wealth of emerging talent for student work experiences. Student interns are a great addition to the Picomole team, we benefit from their eagerness to work, learn and we build our pipeline for future permanent hires.   

Meet the dynamic duo: twin sisters Melissa and Melanie Renn, both biomedical engineering graduates and full-time employees at Picomole. Our team was first introduced to the sisters when Melissa was a student intern at Picomole while completing her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto.  

When looking for an internship in 2020, Melissa had her mind set on working somewhere that made a difference in people’s lives. This is when she found Picomole and knew that she had found something special. Through her internship and subsequent permanent employment with Picomole, Melissa applies her engineering skills to the critical work of Picomole’s Quality Management System (QMS). QMS is an essential and highly complex aspect of medical device development to meet regulatory requirements and enable commercialization.  Melissa has been emersed in the implementation of the QMS for Picomole’s breath sampling device.   When talking about the impact Picomole has had on her she says, “I’ve been not only applying what I learned in my undergraduate degree but also my master's degree and I’ve been constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. It has been a place to learn and grow, try new things and really just discover what my particular field of interest is.” 

After seeing the amazing work Picomole was doing through her sister's eyes, Melanie knew she had to get involved. “I was particularly attracted to Picomole because they are looking at developing a device with multiple applications from cancer diagnoses to health and wellness - I have high hopes for this technology and the contribution I could make in bringing it to market” stated Melanie.  Melanie started her work experience with Picomole to get hands on involvement in her field. During the work experience Melanie was able to focus her work on one of our devices and has been involved in watching it grow and improve.  

As engineers, Melissa and Melanie represent the small percentage of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). According to Statistics Canada, only 25% of women with a STEM degree work in the field. Women in STEM fight every day for equality, as men still represent the majority of the STEM workforce. Picomole is committed to employing women in STEM, and ensuring diversity in our workplace.  

Picomole is excited to have Melissa and Melanie employed full time on our team, and we look forward to their contributions.  Their story is a great example of how student internships can lead to full time jobs in the students desired field.   

One of our newest student interns is Ousman Beebeejaun, a third-year mechanical engineering student at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Ousman is an International student from Mauritius, a country of the coast of Africa. In January, Ousman started a mechanical engineering internship with Picomole to get some hands-on experience in his degree. His internship was made possible by the Experiential Education program at UNB. This program is designed to provide UNB students with experiences that will excel their education. One of the features of this program is to help international students get funding for their co-op position, so they can have the same work experience as Canadian students.  

While searching for a co-op job, Ousman says he had a particular interest in Picomole because of the important work we are doing for the medical community. In the short time since Ousman has arrived, he has already been involved in the enclosure of one of our medical technology devices. There is a lot more in store for Ousman who will be completing a double semester internship and we are very excited to see what he will accomplish!  

Picomole is incredibly fortunate to have had the support from many students and young interns over the last few years. Their knowledge and fast learning have helped improve technology and business efforts in our organization. 

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