Volatile Organic Compounds

We are taught that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide but in fact, there is a lot more going on.

VOC's are released within the body as a result of normal metabolic activity and are altered by such things as exposure to environmental products, diet, toxins and disease. They enter the blood stream and are eventually metabolized or excreted via exhalation, skin emissions, etc. The physiological basis for this ready exchange of gases between ambient air and blood are the lungs.

​Gas exchange happens at the deepest area of the lungs where the alveolar are. Thus, the volatile organic compounds excreted from the lungs and expelled with each breath can be measured and analyzed. Breath itself can be identified as a complex gas, containing hundreds of different VOC's.

There are also many chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOC's), which go in and out of our body with every breath. These compounds can reveal a great deal about the clinical state of an individual health, about environmental exposure, toxicity and
about the changes to metabolism.